“Miracle on the Camino.

A Story of Pilgrimage"

We walk by faith, not by sight.

Just three months after Kelle Ortiz’s father survives a life-threatening heart attack, they embarked on a
life-changing pilgrimage.

Miracle on the Camino follows Kelle, her father, and her brother on the last 115km of the famous Camino
De Santiago, a pilgrimage route in Spain.

Kelle’s new book combines a vulnerable personal memoir with her sharing their experiences, challenges,
fears, joys, and spiritual growth from the beginning to the end of their entire journey. It offers a rich mix of
storytelling, spiritual insights, and a spiritual handbook for the pilgrim traveling on their own journey.









Praise for "Miracle on the Camino"

"The best stories are those that cause us to reflect on our own stories. 'Miracle on the Camino' by Kelle Ortiz is one of those stories. In it Kelle shares the intimately personal experience of her journey on the Camino de Santiago with her father and brother, a journey full of joy and pathos and spiritual discovery."

- Rev. Dr. Nate Smith, MD, MABS, MPH, DTM&H,Executive Pastor, Trinity Anglican Church, Associate Editor, Public Health Reports, Public Health Reports is the official journal of the Office of the US Surgeon General, Former CDC Deputy Director


"What an incredible recount of such an amazing journey! Kelle invites us into her challenges as she seeks to answer some hard questions of faith and her own spiritual journey.  I love how this book doesn’t just conclude with a story, but also provides a field manual for anyone thinking of embarking upon the Camino pilgrimage themselves."

- Dr Kathy Teston, Head of Fellowship Christian School

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Meet Kelle Ortiz,

a remarkable author whose journey beautifully weaves faith, artistry, and resilience.

Kelle co-founded the EMMY award-winning Soteria Productions in 1999, showcasing her passion as a writer and Executive Producer for creating truth-revealing media. She is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Biblical and Theological Foundations at Asbury Theological Seminary.

Her life-changing experience on the Camino De Santiago inspired her first book, "Miracle on the Camino, A Story of Pilgrimage."

Join Kelle on her journey of faith and pilgrimage as she imparts profound theological teachings with a refreshing perspective. Join the pilgrimage and stay updated on more coming from this author!